Whether you’re on a quest for your soulmate or are looking for deeper connection in the relationship you have right now, The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships will guide and inspire you to:

  • Free yourself from anxiety, loneliness, doubt, and resentment.
  • Treat yourself with more acceptance, love, and compassion.
  • Approach even the most challenging aspects of relationships—like expectations, conflict, and jealousy—in ways that actually increase love and intimacy.
  • Keep the excitement, passion, and connection in your relationship fully alive.

The life-changing ideas in this book—and the stories of real people putting them into practice—will help you create your own soulmate experience: a relationship that is a continual source of love, inspiration, and joy.

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What People Are Saying About The Soulmate Experience

"What a beautiful book! Written without the trappings of spiritual or psychological jargon, The Soulmate Experience is a user-friendly guide to a completely authentic way of being. In a simple and personal way, Mali and Joe usher you into a new paradigm of relating where the truth of unconditional love can actually be known and lived." ~Tobin Giblin, The Art of Mindful Living
"No matter how many other relationship books you’ve read, this is the book that gives you the tools to attract a soulmate, and find solutions to the challenges of relationship that will allow that soulmate experience to blossom." ~Joanne Sprott
"Reading this book is like listening to your best friend who knows you better than anyone else and loves you unconditionally." ~Laura Alavosus
"If you desire better relationships, both in love and friendship, The Soulmate Experience is one of the best and most honest books I have ever read on cultivating them. This is the type of education we would all do well to have in our teens as we begin our lifetime journey." ~Carolyn Flinn McCool
"I have done spiritual work forever but you have a fresh perspective and wonderful way of presenting things. I just need to keep reading this book over and over again. It’s made a huge difference in meeting new people." ~Deborah Newton
"Buy this book even if you don’t think you need it. The messages in it will transform your life and your relationships." ~Jean Marshall
"I’m in awe by how much this book has changed my life." ~Gabe Hanson
"A truly wonderful book: easy to read and digest, practical, lighthearted, full of compassion and encouragement. One of those books you can pick up for a few moments and transform your day." ~Ed Tucker
"I would buy a copy for everyone I know, if I could!" ~Lisa Vincent
"The planet needs this book as soon as possible." ~Diane Knorr
"This book is absolutely a must read for anyone who wants to find his/her soulmate or if you already have, it provides tried and true advice on how to keep your relationship fresh, exciting and strong forever. I have experienced a ‘soul retrieval’ and I owe so much of my progress to these two wonderful people, who, through their own personal experience, provide the guidance and encouragement that we need to one day find our own Soulmate Experience. I urge you to read, absorb, and live in your own way the life that Mali and Joe have found for themselves and have shared so unselfishly with us all." ~Leslie Gibford Escoto
"You two have written a relationship guide masterpiece." ~Lisa Borucki
"This book demonstrates what soul-level connection is all about and how it can be cultivated—with lots of suggestions and ways for couples to get there together." ~Monty Perry
"This is a great guide to follow if you want a soulmate relationship—not only with that special someone, but with everyone you will ever meet." ~Matthew M. Watson
"What a pleasurable book to read! The language is so natural, the stories so easy to identify with, and the advice so practical—I felt like I was sitting around a kitchen table having a conversation with the authors." ~Diane Hart
"Love the tons of easy to understand, practical suggestions." ~Deanna Dudney
"This book will be a continuous read for me. I look forward to referring back to it to further improve myself, my relationships and continued living The Soulmate Experience in life!" ~Kristin Little Strain
"This book reminds us that finding the soul within is truly the power we have to offer a lucky other... and no matter the situation we find ourselves in, we are blessed to hold close to our hearts the souls of our precious family members and friends." ~Meredith Eastwood
"If you are looking for a way to become a better person, thus having deep, meaningful relationships, this book will change your life as it did mine. The Soulmate Experience compels you to be a magnificent person. It is easy to read and loaded with simple tools and techniques to learn to love the people in your life even BIGGER." ~Elaine Huntington
"The Soulmate Experience is a must have priceless possession in life. In short I love this book. The book gives you a different paradigm to situations and helps you see higher possibilities in every challenge that come along the journey of life. The Soulmate Experience is now a long lost friend I revisit every day and am able to relate to situations with a sense of direction to make my life more fulfilling with greater love and more meaningful relationships." ~Prithi Gopanath

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